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Dec. 7th, 2007

blogging this

all i want for xmas is the ablitly to be clever!

was down the pub the other day having a good time with some mates i haven't seen in ages when Uno came out some one had brought it to play at christmas with the family but thought it would be fun to give it a test run well after 5 rounds all won by dave us girls had had enough so while he went off to get the next round helped by sarah. H and i decided to rig it we made every 4th card a yellow while every other was a green then to add some laughs we gave the three girls a draw 3 card so he would have to pick up 9 if it went well 

as you can guess it didn't

first card over on the pile was a blue which set me and H off as no one was meant to have one so i lay my draw three down to change it to green so us girlie's could play. sarah put hers on top the H and final Dave produced one much to the surprise of us (something went very wrong when dealing). which meant i had to pick up 12 cards (you only start with 8!) this was the end me and H where on the floor in complete fits of laughter. Dave ended up winning that game i lost not surprising as i had over double the amount of cards your meant to lol if only it would have worked cause neither the other two questioned having a complete yellow or green hand!

Nov. 28th, 2007


Christmas is here

 After weeks of scanning the christmas section at work and all these decorations going up in the streets. Only now after seeing the coke a cola advert on tv do i now believe its christmas. i have no idea why this advert seems to be the one symbol that christmas is here but it always does i think its the song as well ''holidays are coming'' just seems so exciting. 

On even better news we have heating again!!

Nov. 26th, 2007


Happy Days!

 My Parents (well mother and step dad) are taking me to Las Vegas for my 21st i'm mega excited.

AND my dad's coming up for a visit this weekend as well as i'm going to visit him the weekend after (well sunday after work till the wed) but so happy i'm going to see him two weeks in a row! to be honest i think i'm more excited about that! 

other than all the excitment we are still with out heating thou i think its warmer tonight than has been. oh and i bumped into a mate while i was running errands down the high street so we ended up going for lunch together and having a good, fun moan about work (i have my ARP on sat and i'm so nervous about it) but we went to a nice little cafe thats outside work still haven't been into the green Mc D's i'm being so good in resisting the cool chairs.

Nov. 21st, 2007


Bloody builders!!!!

I am so stressed and angry at the moment mainly at our builders. They have broken our heating we haven't had any since Monday morning and it bloody cold i have two pairs of socks on and toasties and i still can't feel my toes. Not to mention yesterday they put protective coverings down on our stairs so they didn't bring mud in from outside. which sounds good but it was covered in white paint and guess what not dry cause its all over the stairs (which we are re-carpeting) and my NEW JEANS!!!! i could have got mud out but not this paint we have tried everything lucky they were cheap but i was pissed as hell. and to make matters worst i spend all my time arguing with mum and my step dad because we are all stressed we keep snapping at each other.

so i say again i hate builders!

ok after my rant i feel loads better


Nov. 14th, 2007

coming soon

Green? no No NO it's meant to be red

The Mc donalds in our high street has gone green and i don't mean in the good way. the entire out side is green and from the looks of it as is the inside. Plus there are some wicked looking chairs which means i'm so going to have to go in and try them out Not going to be good for my whole healthy eating! 
But aside from all the excitement it just looks plain wrong! Mc D's has always been red it's meant to be red like a warning sign.

Nov. 2nd, 2007


Bones Arrived!

Bones season 2 ARRIVED yesterday!!!! yay no one was in so our very kind builder signed for it . so i didn't have to go to the post office. which is good cause i was busy getting burnt at my grandparents house (they complain i never visit and are they surprise when they throw burning hot tea over me! lol) the burn is more of a very tender spot so thats ok. and then in the evening i was at the cinema haven't been in ages t'was fun.

i better go i have to go to my pilates class in a hour it feels good to be getting out the house alot after being stuck i for months :o)

Oct. 31st, 2007


Happy birthday

Happy Birthday mattimooz hope you have a good day!

Oct. 30th, 2007

Thinking spot

(no subject)

well this weekend was one busy one on sat it was my godfathers retirement party which was actually very fun and i got to see people i haven't seen in ages.
then on sunday i went to wembly to watch the Dolphins play the Giants. it was so much fun. the game wasn't that good it was pouring with rain so most the passes were incomplete. but the people we sat with were great all supporting the home team the Dolphins and even thou they lost it was still fantastic. (the new wembly is really nice to) 

OK i need to find a jumper and thermal socks the builders have the back and front door wide open this is silly its like the Arctic in here!

Oct. 26th, 2007


I back again

 I'm back YAY!

Well its been like a crazy house here. They blocked up my window  for a week it was like being in a cell block. we have lost water for a day and hot water for two. but the most sadly missed thing to go was the kitchen its very hard to eat healthy when you have to order takeout all the time.

Oct. 11th, 2007

Thinking spot

to buy or not to buy

Do i wanna buy a DVD  it's only £10 and all my others are packed up and over my grandmothers house were they shall stay till christmas if not longer. i wanna see it but i'm not so sure mmm what to do?

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